Which Type of Fencing Suits Your Sparks Home?

Sparks FencingA fence not only encloses your Sparks yard and offers security and privacy but also serves as an attractive exterior feature. When selecting a remodeling contractor for a fence installation, you must also choose a type of fencing that complements your home and meets your household's needs.

Types of Fencing

  • Wrought Iron – Wrought iron fencing is popular with homeowners who desire a sophisticated and stark accent on their lawn. The ironwork can be customized in various designs, but this type of fencing is often more expensive because of its intricate style. Wrought iron fences don't provide much privacy, but they are extremely durable. They usually require sanding or repainting every 2 to 3 years.
  • Aluminum – If you enjoy the look of wrought iron but require a less expensive fencing material, have your remodeling contractor install an aluminum fence. Aluminum is easy to install, can be customized, requires little maintenance, and resists scratching. On the other hand, aluminum is not as strong as wrought iron, and it may not fair well in regions where severe weather events occur often. Like wrought iron fencing, aluminum fencing is not suitable for homeowners who want privacy fences.
  • Bamboo – The natural, warm appearance of bamboo fencing is very desirable. Bamboo fences are environmentally friendly, and they can be purchased in bamboo cane, rolled bamboo, and live bamboo styles. Rolled bamboo and bamboo cane are held together by poles, and they are stronger than live bamboo.
  • Wood – Hiring a remodeling contractor to install a wood fence is very common among homeowners, and this popularity is mostly because of wood fencing's moderate price, attractive appearance, and versatility. The higher the quality of the wood, the longer the fence will last, but homeowners need to watch out for signs of termites and rot. Wood fences are often chosen because of the privacy they provide.

Before you contact an experienced remodeling contractor like Banner Construction for your Sparks fence installation, consider various types of fencing and determine which one would suit your Sparks home the best.

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