Water and Fire Damage Restoration: Why You Need to Act Quickly


Whenever your home is damaged by a storm, plumbing leak, or fire, it is absolutely imperative that you call a professionally licensed water and fire damage restoration contractor immediately. The best Reno Water & Fire Damage Restoration Contractors are at Banner Construction. Their team has been assisting the local community with construction work for over fifty years. They have the knowledge, skill, and craftsmanship necessary to help you in your most difficult times.

At Banner Construction, their water and fire damage restoration contractors understand that you are feeling overwhelmed after significant damage has occurred to your home. By calling their professionals immediately, you can rest assured knowing that they will do everything within their power to restore your property to pre-damage condition. More importantly, by calling them immediately, your provide their contractors with the opportunity to conduct meaningful water and fire damage mitigation services. These services are aimed at reducing the damage that lingering effects can cause to your home.

Fire Damage Mitigation in Reno

If you have suffered from a fire in your Reno home, damage does not stop occurring once the fire is put out. A fire will create a substantial amount of airborne particulate in the form of soot and ash. Soot and ash can travel throughout your home via the HVAC system. If you allow this soot and ash to linger within your Reno home, it can spread to every room of your home and form a film on your walls, floors, and personal property. If left for any extended period of time, this soot film can permanently stain everything that it touches.

At Banner Construction, the first thing their fire damage restoration contractors will do is to clean all of the surfaces of your home. By removing the lingering soot and ash, their professionals prevent the after effects of the fire from causing even more damage. As such, the sooner you call their experts, the more you can reduce the overall damage that the fire event will have caused.

Water Damage Mitigation in Reno

Just like in the instance of fire damage, when you Reno home has been damaged by water, the first twenty-four hours are critical to preventing further damage. You must call the damage restoration contractors at Banner Construction to provide water damage mitigation services at the earliest possible time. Their professionals can completely remove excess water from your home. They will also dry out the interior of your property and your property's structural components in order to stop damage in its tracks.

After their expertly performed mitigation services, the fire and water damage restoration contractors at Banner Construction have the skills to completely repair your Reno property. They can handle any size job from single room renovation to complete property reconstruction. When you hire their local team, you can rest assured knowing that your family home is in the right hands.

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