The Do's & Dont's of Reno Home Addition & New Construction

Reno Home Addition and New Construction Opting to take on major renovations for your Reno home is an exciting venture to embark upon. With so many homeowners make the erroneous choice to move when they could have just improved, it is important to consider all options. Of course, for those savvy homeowners who do opt for improving instead of moving, it doesn't mean there is not still room for mistakes.

With so many details involved, there is still the chance of making mistakes along the way. Even when working with a so-called pro who should steer you in the right direction, mistakes can be made. Knowing some pitfalls that exist, and that should be avoided at all costs, can help you have great success with your renovations.

Learning From the Mistakes Of Others

Some of your own unique situation will play a role in your own set of individual do's and dont's, but here are some general basics to keep in mind:

Don't overbuild for the size of your lot.

Sure an oversized kitchen or additional bedroom is very appealing to future buyers. However, so is having some space for outdoor living options. In fact, outdoor living spaces have become so popular, it may make more sense to forego the indoor kitchen enlargement project and just add an outdoor one.

Do steer clear of too many / too unique the customized details.

Would you buy a home in which the kitchen had been converted into nothing but a large closet with a rotating clothing carousel? More than likely the answer would be no, yet consumers have thrown their money away in order to have this type of customization. Make your home truly yours, but remember to keep it in the realm of details a future buyer would actually want.

Don't forget the importance of additional bathrooms.

Too many homeowners make the mistake of adding a room, without a bathroom. If you are going to make more space for people to sleep, you have to also create a balance by having enough places for those same people to use the restroom. If you are adding on with the sole purpose of increasing the property value, a bathroom is often a wiser investment.

Reputable and Reliable Service

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