Metal Roof Styles For Superior Performance & Beauty

Reno Metal Roofing

Many homeowners ask our Reno roofing contractors about clay tile, slate tile, and cedar shake. These roofs certainly look beautiful and can last for decades, a huge plus in terms of ROI. However, some homeowners don't like the drawbacks of these roofing materials so they ask about an alternative. Metal roofing products that look like tile are a great option for Reno homes.

Metal roofing manufacturers have gone to great lengths to recreate the timeless allure of real Spanish Tile, Slate Tile, and Cedar Shake Tile. These products look like the real thing but aren't heavy and stand up better to the weather.

Take a look at these two metal tile products:

Benefits of Metal Roof Tiles

Clay tile roofs are prone to break when walked on or handled during installation or repair. They are very heavy, weighing in on average at around 9 to 15 pounds per square foot. 36,000 pounds for an entire clay roofing system is heavy. That's a lot for the house framing to hold up.

High winds can be a problem as well. In spite of the weight of a clay tile or concrete tile roof, the tiles can and do blow off.

Metal tile roofs weigh only about 1.4 pounds per square foot. They offer 120 mph wind and hail damage warranties and are resistant to general weathering. Plus, they are much less expensive to repair.

Metal Roof Tile Styles

You'll find many options in metal roof tile styles that can be installed by our team at Banner Construction. Within the below three styles, there are variations in thickness, curve styles, colors, and textures. Why not ask your roofing contractor to provide you with some metal roof tile options to look at?

  • Slate
  • Clay Tile
  • Cedar Shake

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